Technical Support for businesses in Chicagoland & Chicago, IL

At GCS we pride ourselves on our outstanding technical support team. Our technical support staff are highly qualified and trained.  No matter if you have a technical issue, troubleshooting a problem, have a software glitch or just have a computer or network concern, we are ready to help you. We are also here if you need consultation or even advice on the latest devices to help your company grow to be successful. We provide both online and offline computer support depending on the type of problem.

Online Computer Support Services

We provide online computer support services (also known as remote support) if the issue can be resolved quickly with a remote session. This is cost effective and convenient way to resolve most of client issues. We perform scheduled maintenance and troubleshooting without the need for on-site technical support.

Offline Computer Support Services

Also known as on-site technical service, this is perfect for businesses that prefer onsite visit or the type of problem cannot be issued via remote session. In most cases, we fix the problem on the same day. Our support team is capable to handle single or multiple business locations.

Outsourced IT Services

We also provide Outsourced IT Services (also known as managed services). It will free yourself from owing your IT department at your organization. We can monitor, manage and respond to your IT requirements for a fraction of the cost of attempting to provide all this in-house. We offer these services for a flat monthly fee to make your budgeting and business planning easier.