This high-performance no-maintenance Hosted PBX phone system gives your business the edge.

GCS is the industry leader in selling business telephone systems, headsets, and data networks in Skokie and Chicagoland area.  We do complete phone system implementation – from consulting, cabling, installation, and training. We pride ourselves in our commitment to customer success, the highest quality voice services and network, trust and operational transparency, and extreme customer care.

We sell and repair following business phone systems.VoIP-Phones

  • Avaya VoIP phone systems
  • Start2Star
  • Panterra
  • Nortel Norstar phone systems
  • BCM
  • ShoreTel
  • Digium Voice Over IP – VoIP
  • SwitchVox Voice Over IP – VoIP
  • BizPhone
  • Lucent
  • Avaya phones Avaya IP Office
  • Polycom Soundstations and more.

Some of the Features that Come with our Hosted PBX Solution

  • Cost – efficient – Hosted PBX does not require a large up-front capital investment, nor does it require ongoing maintenance and personnel to manage the system.
  • Ongoing Cost Savings– Hosted PBX implementation is significantly more cost-effective over the long run than a traditional PBX. These ongoing savings are in addition to the initial savings on capital outlay.
  • Easy to integrate with other devices – calls can be routed to mobile phones and other fixed devices, making your telecoms structure more efficient.
  • Scalable – Just buy the number of handsets you need now and add extras as you grow, allowing you to alter your telecoms model to meet the demands of your business.
  • Flexible – Individual users can control how their calls are handled using the phone graphical interface. Call forwards, Do Not Disturb (sends call to Voice mail) Voice mail to email gives staff flexibility to manage their own calls.
  • Easy to use – Hosted PBX is designed to be easy for users to manage without constantly seeking assistance from IT staff.
  • Managed by your provider – instead of maintaining and upgrading PBX hardware, your service provider will manage system and software updates.
  • Number Retention – With Hosted PBX you can take your numbers with you even after relocating your office.
  • Great for accessing call management features – Hosted services incorporate a range of powerful call handling and management features, such as call recording, conferencing calling, hunt groups and voicemail.
  • Ensure Business Continuity – Business disruption will be kept to a minimum even if the office is forced to close, since the crucial hardware is stored in secure and redundant data centers.